The Fine Art Advisory
The Fine Art Advisory

‘The Fine Art Advisory’ is an Art Investment and Advisory service based in the UAE with a focus on Modern and Contemporary Indian and South Asian Art.

Founded by Art Connoisseur Lavesh Jagasia the core focus is to build bespoke art collections for High Net-Worth Individuals, Corporations and Family Offices that result in Long Term Wealth Creation.

As the world shifts its focus to the East for Investments and Investors keen to participate in the long-term story of India look for opportunities, Art Connoisseur Lavesh Jagasia founder of ‘The Fine Art Advisory’ presents a unique platform to invest in Modern and Contemporary Indian Art by providing an end-to-end Art Investment Service.

‘The Fine Art Advisory’ is incorporated as an Offshore Company in the UAE thereby enjoying various benefits of Tax-Free trading and avoiding any kind of direct or indirect taxes or duties on purchases and sales. ‘The Fine Art Advisory’ has onshore sister concerns both in the UAE and India also engaged in the Fine Arts business, thus providing it a unique cross-border positioning between relevant markets whilst giving it the freedom to conduct transactions both onshore and offshore.

Clients include High-Net Worth Individuals, Corporations, Private Banks and Family Offices, they benefit from the 25 years of experience Art Advisor Lavesh Jagasia has in this domain always being updated on current prices, trends and market behavior besides his close personal relationships with established artists.

Auction Record by Artists
S. H. Raza
Tyeb Mehta
F. N. Souza
Arpita Singh
Bharti Kher
Amrita Shergill
Akbar Padamsee
V. S. Gaitonde
M. F. Husain
Subodh Gupta