About Lavesh Jagasia
About Lavesh Jagasia
‘The Fine Art Advisory’ was founded by art connoisseur Lavesh Jagasia, to provide scholarship, specialist services and bespoke solutions to High and Ultra High Net Worth private clients, Corporations and Family Offices covering all aspects of the art collecting process from acquiring, collection management to divesting and auction representation.

Lavesh has been an avid art collector since 25 years with a specific focus on ‘Investment Grade Art’ and has also founded the extremely successful art publishing firm ‘The Serigraph Studio’ which is collaborated with most of the established artists from India. During this time he has developed close working relationships with the artists, auction houses, galleries, and art dealers.

He has been interviewed many times by both the print and electronic media, many of these articles are available online.

During his long career as an Art Advisor he has been able to successfully identify undervalued art works, and correctly gauge future trends in the art world. This combination has been consistently resulting in double-digit annualized returns for his clients. He is not connected with any gallery, art dealer or auction house, and as a policy never offers any works from his collection to clients of ‘The Fine Art Advisory’ thereby avoiding any conflict of interest. These core principles ensure that clients receive recommendations in a wholly objective and impartial manner.

Lavesh currently resides in Dubai, UAE and travels frequently between India and Dubai besides regularly visiting art fairs and auctions in other countries.

Auction Record by Artists
S. H. Raza
Tyeb Mehta
F. N. Souza
Arpita Singh
Bharti Kher
Amrita Shergill
Akbar Padamsee
V. S. Gaitonde
M. F. Husain
Subodh Gupta